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Nominee/Fiduciary services

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Director Services

A director is the lawful representative of a company.  The Cypriot tax legislation provides that companies whose management and control is exercised from Cyprus are tax residents of Cyprus.  Hence, a key factor in determining management and control is to have Cyprus based resident directors and the company’s management decisions to be taken in Cyprus.

Globemax may provide professional director services to clients who wish to appoint local directors.

Nominee Shareholder Services

A nominee shareholder is the registered owner of the shares of a company and holds the shares on behalf of the beneficial owner.  A declaration of trust is usually signed between the nominee shareholder and the beneficial owner, according to which the nominee shareholder exercises the voting rights conferred to the holder of the shares in accordance with the instructions of the beneficial owner. 

It is the name of the nominee shareholder that appears on public records as the holder of the shares.  Although this provides certain degree of anonymity regarding the ownership of the shares, there is a requirement in the European Union for the names of beneficial owners of companies to be also declared in specific central registers.

Globemax may provide nominee shareholder services to beneficial owners who wish for their shares to be held by a nominee on their behalf.

Company Secretary Services

The Cypriot Companies’ law requires that a secretary is appointed for every company registered in Cyprus.  It is not a requirement for the secretary to be resident of Cyprus.  However, it is important that the appointed secretary is familiar with the respective obligations as provided by the law e.g. the maintenance of the statutory registers.  Hence, the provision of secretary services by a professional service provider facilitates the compliance with legal requirements.

Globemax may provide company secretary services to clients who wish to have their company secretarial matters orderly organized and complied with.

Registered Office and/or shared office space

The law provides that the registered office of a Cypriot company is situated in Cyprus.

Unless your company has physical presence in Cyprus, Globemax may provide an address for the registered office of the company. 

Our services may also extend beyond simply providing an address.  If you require a dedicated or shared office, with available common business facilities, Globemax may accommodate your needs.

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